All Kinds of Heavy Equipment Transporters

When it comes to heavy equipment transporters a few images come to mind. We all see these whales of the road on highways and interstates all over the country. Yet few people can name, much less recognize the different kinds of heavy equipment transporters and their varied uses. Since all sorts of things need to be shipped around the country, Alternative Transportation Services has many options to ensure each client load receives specific cargo care. With over 1,800 vehicles Alternative Transport Services will be able to accommodate all sorts of heavy equipment and more.

Flatbeds trailers consist of a load floor and removable side rails and a bulkhead in front to protect the product in the event of a load shift. These will haul almost anything that can be stacked on and strapped down.  Step-decks have a similar function but with a double level bed. For over-sized loads ATS’s heavy equipment transporters include Removable Gooseneck (RGN), Double Drop, Lowboy and Stretch type trailers. These trailers allow permit loads and over-sized loads secure transport.

Dry vans, commonly seen on the roads, are enclosed trailer chambers providing contained space, safe from environmental and road hazards.

For smaller distance yet heavy transport, ATS offers forklifts including pallet jacks, pallet racking and scissor lifts. Also off road, heavy equipment transporters take to the sea with marine transport. Water heavy equipment transport is fast and efficient with Alternative Transport Services, always arriving safely and on time.

The most efficient form of heavy equipment transportation is intermodal, a combination transportation of both trucks and railroad service. This form of heavy equipment transport is especially effective for extremely long distance transport.

Alternative Transport Services has transportation equipment for all your heavy transportation needs. No matter how large and or awkward, ATS is committed to bringing your loads to your destination on time without flaw.

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