Summer Heavy Hauling: Drive with Caution – Heavy Hauling Companies

Each season presents different challenges in the heavy hauling business.  Summertime can mean increased road construction, navigating through increased traffic from tourists and recreational areas, and looking out for other vehicles hauling their own loads.  Safe driving doesn’t only benefit heavy hauling companies, but everyone else out on the road as well.  Always operate on the side of caution and remember these things to check for when driving this season.

Road construction:  Always remember to slow down and be attentive to the signage and workers on the road.  Anticipate sudden and frequent stops, and give extra space between yourself and the next vehicle.  You can prevent accidents by keeping a slow pace and good spacing between yourself and others.  Watch for signs that change the speed limit.  Speed violations in a construction zone can result in tickets that are twice the normal amount.  Be patient and calm, and try to anticipate some delays in your schedule and allow extra time for them.

Tourist traffic:  Probably the number one thing to look out for with tourists on the road this summer is any vehicle towing boats, campers, and trailers.  They’re doing their own hauling, and may be a little less accustomed to driving with a larger load.  Afford them a lot of space and patience.  Do the same for vehicles that have a lot of stuff packed into the trunk and lashed onto the roof.  You don’t know how securely everything was tied down, and you don’t want to take any chances.  Remember to plan for traffic when hauling through popular tourist spots, and watch out for vehicles with out-of-state licenses.  Anticipate sudden lane changes and frequent braking.  If you afford a little extra time into your schedule, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Finally, there are a lot more motorcycles out on the road during the summer.  Motorcycles are harder to watch out for, but you need to take the responsibility to check all of your blind spots and watch the road carefully when there’s a motorcycle nearby.  We expect professionalism and safe, defensive driving.  Remember that safety is always worth extra precautions.

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