As of January 1st 2016, ATS will be merging our sister company Stage West Transport and Events with

this parent company in order to provide a more comprehensive and technologically advanced

transportation program. We believe this new structuring will allow both companies

more flexibility and a whole new range of services that will better serve both our

new and existing customers.

The restructuring of our two companies allows us to expand and meet the

challenges of an ever changing and more competitive global market that demands

services that are becoming more and more complex as our industry continues to

evolve. The technological requirements that the transportation industry demands

will be better served as we look to the future and try to meet the needs of an ever

expanding and challenging  transportation environment.

By combining the resources of both companies, we hope this transition will mean better

services and value for the customers who have placed their trust in us for over

twenty five years. We think the future looks bright and hope that you will continue to

let us serve you knowing that we have your best interest in mind. Our commitment

going forward remains “Service to your specifications” and we believe our long term

goal continues to be unparalleled service based on trust and value!

Thank you for making Alternative Trans. Service one of the fastest growing transportation

companies in the industry today. We look forward to working with you again soon!

Thank you.

George C. Wheeler

President and CEO