The Risk of Using Reincarnated Transportation Companies – Heavy Hauling Companies

You should be able to entrust the transportation of your equipment to heavy hauling companies with professionalism and high standards in safety and efficiency.  That’s why you need to watch out for reincarnated transportation companies.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will occasionally cite a company for having unsafe driving or transportation practices and suspend the company’s license as a result.  Some companies, however, will resume their operations under the guise of a different name.  Even companies that have been completely shut down by the FMCSA have attempted to restart with a different identity.

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough federal funding to stop these reincarnated companies and their practices.  According to a new report compiled by the Government Accountability Office, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration needs to allot more resources in order to track down the reincarnated companies.  In response to their growing concern about the future of the trucking industry, the Government Accountability Office recommends that the FMCSA strengthens their current new entrant screening process in order to more efficiently detect if a company with a suspended license is filing for a new license under a different name and address.  Part of their recommendation includes hiring and assigning personnel in charge of detecting these common addresses, phone numbers, and listed company officers in their filings.  A boosted level of organization and a larger staff would make it more difficult for companies to reincarnate after a license suspension.

When choosing a heavy hauling company to trust with your shipment, it pays to do some research and look at the testimonies that different companies can provide you.  Choose a company that is willing to give you real testimonials from real satisfied clients, with a history of excellent delivery and customer service.

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